The Immensity of Human Potential

Principles, puzzles and progress.


13 Ways To Live a Life of Purpose In Your 20's

I spent a large chunk of time thinking about how to minimise regret in the future. The result was 13 principles that I'm trying to live by today. They provide direction and a reason to remain disciplined.

Five Pieces of The Education Puzzle

I recently became an uncle. Over the past 6 months, I’ve watched my niece grow into a person, with her own unique laugh, smile and personality. It’s been phenomenally interesting to see how we learn when we’re in an environment that isn’t specifically designed for learning.

8 Essays on Programming That Are Worth Your Time

With each read, I find these essays become more and more valuable. They detail the thought processes of the best engineers in the world. They provide insight into how they formulate and articulate problems, communicate them to others, and go about solving them.


I donated blood for the first time last week.

15 minutes to sign up, test my iron levels, and extract one pint of life juice from my left arm. They say that each pint saves up to 3 lives. Whether that's true or not is irrelevant. The part that impresses me is how efficient the entire process is.

A combination of technology, training, personnel and a keen focus on completing the job at hand leads to impressive operations and impressive results.

Humans have a staggering capacity to achieve great things and we each have the opportunity to play a role in that.


Regression Is Progress

"We believe that progress is always forward and always going up, that if we stall out on a plateau or if our progress slows down in any fashion we are failing. Progress is more complicated than yes or no."

Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions

It's easier to avoid stupidity than to achieve greatness. This article highlights a bunch of ways to avoid stupidity.

That’s all for this week. Have a great one!


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